Become a legend in a weird, weird world. A Sand Box adventure with endless possibilItIes.


Our ideal solution for the storage and organization of components.


We have the perfect storage solution for your game. Let us help you make your dreams come true.


Looking for graphics for your game or website? We have the most creative team on the market.

3D sculpting

Need a cool miniature to help improve your game? We have the perfect solution for you.

Game Sleeves

Protect your cards with our premium sleeves


Organize your play space!

About Game Trayz

We’ve been bringing order to chaos on the tabletop for more than a decade, lending our expertise in engineering to many of your favorite titles.

Now we’re taking our game to the next level. Game Trayz is more than just a storage solution company, we are a tabletop brand enhancement company. We’ve broadened our offerings to include graphic design and 3D sculpting, as well as marketing and advertising support to elevate your project. Our broad spectrum of services can help you bring your project to life.

YES, I am interested!

If you’d like to leverage our expertise and take your tabletop project to the next level, set up an introductory call with our team today. The earlier we get involved with your project, the greater our impact!

Custom Trayz

Our bread and butter. An industry standard in organization. Our custom trayz can add a premium feel to your project that simply nobody else can provide.

Graphic Design

Need a hand making your components stand out? Our team of designers will bring the world you’ve created to life, and bring the same Game Trayz premium look to your project’s design work.

3D Sculpting

High-quality sculpted figures can elevate a game from a bland world of cardboard to an immersive work of art. Few other components can add as much value or wow factor to your project. Our team of sculptors pack a serious punch and can deliver miniatures of any scale or style to meet your needs.

Game Sleeves

Your cards can finally rest snug and safe. Our new line of premium game sleeves are precision crafted to keep your babies protected.

Game Tablz

At Game Trayz, we design accessories that make perfect use of limited space. Now we’re looking to break out of the box and take that philosophy to your home in a whole new way.

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